I really don’t care who Tucker Carlson is. That’s not the subject of the discussion. It is another red herring along the way.

We do not know the circumstances that made Rittenhouse accept the interview. My guess is that he would have felt safer there because from the beginning, Fox News had been saying that it was self-defence and that he should not even have been charged.

I know that Fox News is a pretty bad outfit. I saw the way they pushed the Iraq war in 2002 and that is the point where they lost all credibility, which they have not regained. I listen to Fox News because I am interested in what goes on from different perspectives.

If you want to know what Rittenhouse said, watch the video. Don’t ask me. Regarding BLM he clearly said that he supports them.

Quote exactly what he said about killing the looters and give the context.

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JG Estiot

JG Estiot


I write to challenge my audience through creative ideas and pertinent observations. I do not feed any particular worldview.