Should people follow the priest’s advice and seek refuge in the Church?

No power, no television, no Internet and plenty of time to kill.

In September 2018, I was living in Baguio, Benguet, Philippines. A category 5 typhoon named Mangkhut approached with menacing winds and rain on the 15th and by the 17th, it hit Baguio with incredible force.

For some strange…

Since his detention by the Australian Government, new facts have come to light. The Minister must use his discretionary powers and get rid of the joker.

When Novak Djokovic first arrived in Australia, I defended his vaccination exemption request because he had seemingly done everything that was asked of him…

After the disappointment of my first championship, I bounced back.

Courtesy Pixabay

This is a follow up to the following story:

My terrible loss in the State Schools Championships was a reality slap right in my face. Up to then, I thought I was a good player. Not only did I finish…

After getting their audience sucked in by a propaganda movie, it is time to cash in.

This is a follow-up story to:

Every time I come across religion pulling heart strings to make money, I remember the Holy words of George Carlin:

Religion has actually convinced people that there’s an…

It is not him who is ignorant, it is the people who are criticising him for getting a vaccination exemption.

Artwork by JG Estiot

As Novak Djokovic lands in Melbourne to play in the 2022 Australian Open, debate is raging about the “free pass” and “preferential treatment” he received when granted an exemption from…

When my traffic and earnings dropped 90% in a very short period of time, I contacted Medium Support for clarification.

The collapse in my traffic from Dec 12 to Jan 4

In a story I published on Medium, I explained how I gathered circumstantial evidence that made me very suspicious of the platform:

I started investigating and after monitoring tag pages…

One day, my traffic totally collapsed. Over a few days It gradually dropped by more than 90%. I lodged a support ticket with Medium and was assured that there was nothing wrong with my account. Really?

Daily views collapse in my stats starting on Dec 12

When my traffic started to collapse, I wrote a story about it:

I am…

JG Estiot

I write to challenge my audience through creative ideas and pertinent observations. I do not feed any particular worldview.

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